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Tuesday, 01. April 2014

Kanye West Will Not Like This: The Game Strongly Hints He Slept With Kim Kardashian In Newly Unearthed Demo Of Ray J's Rap Song I Hit It First
By cyndikaino, 20:18

"Reminder" ("The Hangover Part II") As if you needed another reminder (groan) that "The Hangover Part II" was just a pale retread of "The Hangover," the marketing campaign used Jay-Z's "Reminder" to score many of the spots and trailers. At least the song is good. "99 Problems" ("This Means War") Nothing says "edgy" conflict like "99 Problems." In addition to this early spot for "This Means War," the song also pops up in ... "99 Problems" ("Taking Of Pelham 1 2 3") ...

14, 2014 in which he denies all allegations. Read The Court Documents The original complaint states that Ibn Jasper copied Gammacurtas Lolli-Pop work and placed it on Wests blog and other websites for download as the cover art for his mixed tape F.M. Phenomenal Ziptape Vol. 1: Its Gucci Time. The work in question can be seen below, which was included in Gammacurtas complaint: But in Wests answer to the complaint, he denied having any knowledge of knowingly infringing on Gammacurtas picture and respectfully requests that Plaintiffs complaint be dismissed in its entirety as against him and that he be awarded his costs and disbursements, including reasonable attorneys fees, in this action, and such other and further relief as the Court deems just and proper, the answer states. He also claims he did not receive any financial benefit from such infringement. PHOTOS: Ripped Off?

Kanye West: ?Yeezus? The Movie Coming To Theaters, Trailer Debuts Online [Video]

3. @KanyeWest, 2009 - Present We'll keep this simple: Kanye West has been quoted, fav'd, and RT'd to high heavens, thanks to gems like "I hate khaki cargo shorts" and "feelings are the only facts." But while his feed appears uncensored as he's Tweeting, it's actually the alternate: despite his legacy of hours-long Twitter rants, only 49 tweets actually remain undeleted, proving West is obviously hyper-aware of cultivating his image which is more than most Twitter users can say. That, or Kanye isn't interested in preserving the past. And why would he be? Unlike the rest of us, he doesn't need Favstar.

Last year, the Atlanta spitter spent a lot of time alongside Kanye, helping him to create on Yeezus. All that time in the studio resulted in a number of tunes that the world hasn't heard yet. "I wanna motivate him to do that too, because 'Ye got a lot of stuff that I'm like, 'Yo, no one's ever gonna get to hear this 'Ye,'" he said. "I hear the fans; I understand what they want from the G.O.O.D. Music family.

Kanye West impersonator who harassed Kim Kardashian revealed as comedian Chris Stephan, posts apology

Kanye himself wont appear in the movie, but he made sure Ellis understood that he wanted to be involved in the creative process because he wanted Kim in the film. Since Kim has been trying to break out of the reality star mold she forged for herself and establish herself as either a respectable actress or singer (quite unsuccessfully so far), getting a juicier part in a film would probably help her get her foot through the door. As far as Kanye is concerned, hes reportedly very determined to make this happen for her. Ever since they started dating, theres been a lot of talk about how Kanye has been trying to legitimize Kim by removing the reality star stigma from her image. Some would argue that his efforts havent really been all that successful but the biopic could turn things around. Its going to be based on the Yeezus album.

They got a family. I love them. They're great.' The rapper, who is in London as part of his tour of the UK, seemed particularly eager to put the Khloe rumours to rest. 'We were talking about you doing a thing with Khloe Kadashian,' said Sloth following a break. Just good friends: The Game insisted he's known Khloe for years and the pair are merely in a platonic relationship Khloe Kardashian gives The Game a twerking thrill Clubbing chums: Khloe and The Game emerge from Tru Hollywood earlier this month, with her mother Kris Jenner in tow 'No, we wasn't talking about that. We was talking about me NOT doing a thing with Khloe Kardashian,' insisted The Game.

Thank Goodness: Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Friday Releases Are Coming Back

Helmed by veteran music video director Hype Williams, Yeezus apparently follows West during his tour across the globe. Since theres very little information about the project floating around the internet as of this writing, its unclear just how far behind-the-scenes the film will go. Check out the trailer for Kanye West and Hype Williams concert film below.